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Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the appearance of a website or webpage in search engines. Usually, the higher the website ranks in any search, the more is it likely to get increased traffic, leads and sales. Using the right keywords selection is the core of a successful SEO campaign. Depending upon the products and services provided, a list of targeted keywords is prepared and finalized by working closely with the client. The main keyword phrases are then framed in an optimum way for enhanced online visibility of the client's. This ultimately leads to more business prospects for the client. Besides, we also perform competitor analysis to get a full picture of the market segment we are dealing with. We also analyze competitor's current strategies and keywords.

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  • Keyword Research


    How do people search?
    Competition level
    2-4 word phrases.

  • On PageFactors

    On Page

    Page Title
    Keyword in Content
    Heading Tags

  • Link Building


    Internal & External
    Off page
    Anchor Text

  • Improved Ranking


    Better Visibility
    Increased Traffic
    More Business

Unlike others, we focus on a wide range of keyword phrases that are significant in reference to the client's business, rather than just focusing on a set of constant keywords. We are able concentrate and work on a multiple keywords in the same SEO package. We can work upon as many keywords that are important for your business. A tailor made SEO solution is suggested to clients on the basis of individual Internet marketing and SEO needs in line with budget constraints. Our business is transparent with effective, time tested work strategies and plans.

Work Strategy: Our Work Strategy is simple and efficient. Depending upon the targeted niche of the users and markets - Small, Mid-sized and Large business, we are perform all the SEO activities. The activities and SEO strategies are properly planned and executed in accordance with the targeted regions. For example, if a small business web site development is to target the local market of Sydney, then the site will be promoted amongst the local users only. Alternatively if the same site is to be promoted nationally i.e. Australia or Worldwide, then the work strategy would be modified accordingly. The Dotsquares SEO Team can help your business reach out to local customers as well as global customers with our highly successful work strategies.

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