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Pay Per Click Management

Achieve your Search Engine marketing goals with our expert PPC solutions!

Pay per Click is an internet advertising/marketing technique where advertisers have to pay the publisher every time the advertisement is clicked upon. Your ad appears every time the search query entered in the search engine matches your targeted keyword phrase. The sponsored ad can be listed either above or adjacent to the organic searches.

Pay Per Click Management

PPC ad campaigns are an effective method for increasing ROI (Return on Investments) in your business and gives momentum to your online business campaigns. Many researches have shown that a majority of users prefer to click on the results displayed on top of any search page depending upon the quality of the ad link, with a sponsored ad link this probability grows more.

Our PPC Methodology

Our PPC campaigns are driven by data and depend upon individual business needs.

  • We first do a proper keywords selection on the basis of their popularity and relevancy to your website. A correct keyword selection is paramount as the bids and expenditures entirely depend upon it.
  • Our Negative Keywords research filters out the unwanted traffic and only pay for clicks that have a higher probability of conversion.
  • We ensure that the most suitable landing page is selected which is most appropriate & effective according to the ad or service offered. This offers maximum user convenience and high lead generation probabilities.
  • Our experts compose creative and attention grabbing PPC Ads, complying with the rules and regulations of the particular PPC engine.
  • With the client’s approval, we submit the ads and keywords to the selected PPC engine.
  • After the ad submission, we plan the daily PPC budget and allot bids to keywords. Bids are set depending on rival advertiser bids.

In addition, we watch the campaigns performance by way of regular report generation and monitoring. Based on these reports and the results, modifications are made to the campaigns as and when required. Testing is done at the last stage, different landing pages, keywords and versions of Ad are regularly modified and tested to get the best results.

The Dotsquares SEO Team comprises of SEO specialists who are talented, proficient & have got a wealth of experience. With our smart PPC methodology and the best of knowledge, we aim to deliver high end solutions to our clients with considerable returns on investment.

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