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Google Play Optimization

Brand Promotion

Mobiles and Mobile Apps are the increasing trend and over a period of last few years a definitive increase has been witnessed. App space has grown up into a multi-billion dollar industry.

The two major groups contributing to the app industry are Android and iOS; if you see the statistics you will see that Google Play is slightly ahead in race than all the other places to download apps and this is totally based on the total number of apps downloaded, not only the actual revenue.

The fact to understand is that the industry of all store is not just based on a single players, rather it has two evenly matched competitors or the same space. Therefore, unlike the process of online search, internet marketers are bound to consider more aspects than just those of Google.

As SEO practitioners, there is a constant need to optimize apps for both Google Play (Android) and Apple’s iOS store. This poses more challenges, but also is open to more opportunities. If you are thinking of creating a mobile app or already have one in the market, the steps outlined below will help you optimize your app in both app stores.

• Google Play Optimization:

  • On Page Optimization:
    1. Title: A title that catches user’s attention is the most captivating one.
    2. Description: A short yet complete description to explain what the app is, what it does, and its benefits. There is a 4000 character limit on descriptions- write what is best.
    3. Category: Choose an appropriate category for your app; in case it falls in several categories, choose the most appropriate one.
    4. Video Links: Videos are capable to explain better than what text can, use video links to give the idea of your app.
    5. Screenshots: Use the best screenshots to make sure people have a look into what the app looks like.
    6. App Type: Google divides apps into two main “types.” They are “applications” and “games.” Mark your app appropriately.
    7. Social Links: Use social links to make sure people know of your app and share with those who don’t.
  • Off Page Optimization:
    1. Press release: Once the app is up the first thing to do is write a press release that attracts peoples’ attention.
    2. App rating/review: Rate the app for others to know of it and to tell the experience you’ve got of it.
    3. Social Media Optimization: Socialize the app and get more people to know of it.
    4. Content Marketing: Write about the app in the most appropriate places; make use of only authorized websites.
    5. E-mail Marketing: Choose E-mail marketing for best results for off page optimization.

Mobile apps are still an expanding industry and we will continue to see many new changes as this industry continues to grow. This explosion in growth will clearly have a high impact on how ASO is implemented, and we may see many new on-page and off-page ranking factors.

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