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Conversion Optimization

High ranking in Search Engines or getting a considerable amount of traffic on your website is just not enough. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is all about generating leads or sales for your business. After all, your business will be successful only when you get more business leads & increased Returns on Investment (ROI). Conversion optimization is the art and science of increasing the percentage of visitors on your site who are most likely to be converted into customers.

Conversion Optimization

The Concept of conversion optimization can feature all kinds of feasible efforts yielding prospective leads for your website. The main motto is to improve your site's conversion rate by experimenting with its design and content & then testing which layouts, contents, offers and images are helpful in boosting the conversion rate of your website.

Our CRO Approach

At DotsquaresSEO, our aim is to deliver the top-drawer conversion optimization results to our valued clients. We use the best of our knowledge and techniques for boosting conversion rates of a client's site. Our step-by step CRO approach focuses on converting your existing site traffic into increased sales or leads. Our Tested conversion Optimization Methodology can:

  • Boost your sales and leads.
  • Enhance your profits.
  • Cut down the advertising costs.
  • Close more sales.
  • Increase your returning visitors & convert them into buyers.
  • Make your SEO, PPC and online advertising campaigns more result orientated.

Our Adwords Campaign Optimization & Account Reporting Model.

Business objective understanding & Keywords Selection:

  • Identifying Your Business needs.
  • Selection of Business / ROI oriented keywords.
  • Competitor Analysis

Account Set Up

  • Campaign Setup.
  • Geographical Region & time setting.
  • Adgroup Setup (Ad Setup based on campaign optimization).
  • Ad optimization.
  • Negative Keyword Refining.
  • Dayparting - choosing day & night campaigns.
  • ad copy set up ( multiple ads from one keywords)
  • Budgeting - Bid Set up & budget estimation


  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Bid Management
  • Ad status monitoring & modification according to the requirements for getting more benefits & better CTR

PPC Account Reporting

  • Conversion Reporting
  • Custom monthly report

The Tools we use

We employ highly effective & accurate analyzing tools for getting optimum estimations & formulating the next plan of action.

  • Traffic Estimator tool :- For Estimating the bid value of a keyword.
  • A/B Testing :- A/B testing or split testing or bucket testing is a tool used for testing two variations of a single landing to see which performs better & catalyzes the Conversion rate of your site.
  • Multivariate Testing:- Multivariate testing is a tool for testing multiple variable changes on a single landing page to estimate the effects of small changes made to the page on its conversion rate.
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