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Looking for a Leading Mobile App Marketing Agency?

App store optimization (ASO) is the process that ensures elevating of your app’s position on the google play store and apple app store. With mobile ecosystem evolving like never before, ASO has become inevitable now.

There are number of users on the app store whose attention needs to be grabbed but due to poor visibility of the app in the store, it goes unnoticed and this is where the role of ASO, known for driving high volume downloads comes into play.

At Dotsquares, we have a dedicated and experienced team of digital experts who are well versed in their field and have in depth knowledge of mobile, digital and offline media.

Why us?

  • We have strategic app marketing services that are made after a lot of research, are data driven and keep evaluating with time.
  • Our focus is your audience, so we make sure that your app gets noticed by your target group and hence enjoys an edge over your competitor's app.
  • In order to convert the users into engaged customers, we plan our methods and strategies in a way that we that we throw light on the benefits of your app so that the people looking for the desired app land to your app and not on your competitor’s
Brand Promotion
  • We are experienced, skilled and put our best foot forward to deliver a tailored mobile strategy for achieving your goals.

What steps do we take?

Analyze What Your Customers Need

Best ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy is planned by putting yourself into your customer’s shoes, realising their need, their behaviour, their knowledge and knowing what they find good in competitor’s app. It’s all about your customers and your competitors. So, keeping that in mind, we pay attention to:

  • Language your customer is comfortable in
  • Target keywords of your competitors
  • Reasons for downloading the app
  • How and why your competitor is preferred

We Keep the app’s Name at Priority

App name plays a vital role in increasing the visibility of the app on the app store. With studies showing that the top 25 ranking positions on the app store were of the app with relevant keyword in the title, it is a proven fact that apt keyword in the name is very much significant.

Develop Appealing Content

Number of apps are at all time high now and so, attracting the eyeballs of the customers has become all the more tougher, but it’s the description that plays instrumental in this case. We make sure that the first few lines of the description are impressive enough for your customers to get interested in your app.

Design Unique Icon for the App

Seeing has a greater impact than any of the other senses and so, we try to make the app’s icon or its facial identity unique. We create visually impressive design while following the various preset standards of different app stores.

Pay Attention on Screen Shots and Videos

Screenshots in the description may not directly affect the visibility of the app on the app store, but they definitely have an impact on the customers who get to analyse the working of the app in pictures.

Do the Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms have enhanced app downloads to a great extent and so we lay emphasis on advertising the app on various such platforms.

Help Yield Rating and Feedback

Customer ranking and feedback are the factors that shouldn’t be ignored. It serves like a validation and so, many people go through it before downloading the app. By popularising your app on different social media platforms, we at Dotsquares make it a point that your app receives ratings and feedback in large number.

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